Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network

Procura+ supports public authorities in implementing sustainable public procurement, promotes their achievements and fosters exchange on good practice from public procurers and experts internationally.

The Procura+ Network was endorsed by Procura+ participants at the 2015 Procura+ meeting on 12 November 2015. Before Procura+ was known as the Procura+ Campaign for Sustainable Procurement that was founded in 2004 by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

The objective of Procura+ is to motivate a significant number of public authorities to include environmental, social and economic considerations into their procurement policies and tendering procedures. Through this the market for cost-effective environmentally and socially responsible products and services can be stimulated.

The Power of Procurement

  • Save your public authority money.
  • Support high environmental performance.
  • Drive the market towards sustainability.

Communities all over the world are facing the dramatic consequences of climate change, excessive use of natural resources, threats to biodiversity and increasing poverty. Our unsustainable consumption practices are at the heart of all of these problems. Sustainable procurement – spending public money responsibly on products and services that foster sustainable development – must therefore be a priority.

Sustainable procurement means thinking carefully about what you buy: buying only what you really need, purchasing products and services with high environmental performance, and considering the social and economic impacts of your procurement.

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