Procura+ Interest Groups bring together participants who wish to collaborate on a specific sustainable procurement topic of common interest.

These could be broad topics such as market engagement or circular procurement, or could be sector specific topics such as effective procurement of organic school catering or energy efficient ICT.   

Socially Responsible Public Procurement of ICT

Why socially responsible public procurement of ICT?

This Interest Group aims to support public authorities in procuring information and communication technology (ICT) products in ways that improve the social responsibility of ICT supply chains. Public authorities have the power to use procurement to create better working conditions and protect the rights of workers and communities by purchasing products that have been procured in a socially responsible manner.

The group will undertake and share experiences on initiatives related to socially responsible public procurement of ICT, with objectives to:

  • Develop and share tailored procurement approaches for socially responsible ICT procurement, including technical specifications, award criteria and contract performance clauses.
  • Explore opportunities to engage with suppliers in order to send stronger signals of demand for socially responsible ICT products and services.
  • Collaborate on verification methods, such as monitoring and evaluating mechanisms, for ensuring suppliers are meeting socially responsible contractual obligations.

The Interest Group will establish a way of engaging, which includes meeting remotely and envisages two physical meetings per year in 2018 and 2019.

Interested in joining the Interest Group?

Send an e-mail to expressing your interest to take part.

We are looking forward to discussing further with you in the group!


Why circular procurement?

Circular procurement is a different way of acquiring goods and services that promotes consideration of the whole lifetime of the products throughout their supply chain and focuses on the use of the products and associated services rather than their ownership. As public procurer, you can be a pioneer and contribute to this process by implementing circular procurement within your organisation!

Interested in joining the Interest Group?

Send an e-mail to procurement[at] expressing your interest to take part.

We are looking forward to discussing further with you in the group!


Why Market and Supplier Development?

To procure effectively, procurement professionals need:

  • To understand the market they are procuring from
  • A competitive market to procure from that can respond to public procurement opportunities
  • A positive perception as a buyer in the market

As budgets in the public sector continue to fall, procurement professionals are expected to get more for less. Our ability to do this is often limited by the markets we are procuring from, or our knowledge of those markets.

Dealing with these issues can be time consuming and resource intensive, so in addition to how to do supplier and market engagement, knowing when to engage and for which procurement process is crucial. This Interest Group provides a friendly forum for sharing experiences and learning from each other, with the aim to produce shared guidance that can help direct procurers to make smart choices for supplier and market engagement.

The Interest Group has now established a way of working and will be meeting either online or by phone on a quarterly basis.

Interested in joining the Interest Group?

Send an e-mail to procurement[at] expressing your interest to take part.



Interest groups will primarily co-operate through phone/web meetings and email. If there is interest, face-to-face meetings can also be arranged.

Contact ICLEI for more details on how Interest Groups can work. Guidelines for Interest Groups are available upon request.  


You need to be a Participant or Strategic Partner of the Procura+ Network.  Interest Groups can be facilitated by Procura+ Participants, who will receive a 50% discount on their Procura+ participant fee.

If your authority is interested in starting an Interest Group, or would like to join an existing Interest Group, approach ICLEI by email, or complete this online form.


    • Three or more participants with a common interest or problem to solve
    • An Interest Group facilitator, responsible for:

      • Identifying common Interest Group aim
      • Organising at least two telephone and/or web meetings per year
      • Updating the Procura+ Network on group exchanges and actions

    • A typical  period of two years, with no more than 2 days per year required for participation