The City of Oslo and ICLEI are partnering to host the 15th Procura+ Seminar on 21/22 March 2018, to bring together a diverse range of practitioners, experts and policy makers from across Europe.

Procurement is evolving rapidly and changing how public authorities across Europe purchase goods and services. Purchasing authorities are expected to professionalise procurement and take into account sustainability and innovation. Join Procura+ Network participants, key organisations working in the field and European Institutions at this event to unlock the untapped potential and opportunities within your own procurement plans, and learn skills needed to make better, strategic and more sustainable procurement decisions.  

The unique design of the event will include:

  • The chance to explore procurement concepts and issues through the lens of real-life examples and experiences
  • Dynamic and interactive sessions, where organisations with different levels of experience share their perspectives on successful sustainable and innovation procurement
  • Capacity building that explores in-depth the practical tools and knowledge to improve procurement in your organisation

You will get the chance to hear from the City of Oslo on their new procurement strategy, and from the SPP Regions project partners on experiences of engaging with suppliers, applying circular procurement and using life cycle costing tools.

Keep following for further programme announcements and updates. Detailed information about the Seminar will be made available on the Procura+ website. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or if you would like to collaborate with us.  

Every public authority has procurements to make and experiences to share! Tell us yours at the Procura+ Seminar 2018. 

Sustainable event

The 2018 Procura+ Seminar organisers are committed to minimising the impact of the event on the environment and maximising the impact on boosting the local economy. We will provide online registration, distribute all information by email and the internet, minimise paper use and choose 100% post-consumer tree-free paper for the programmes and name-tags. All presentations and hand-outs will be provided online. Local and seasonal food and beverages as well as vegetarian meals will be provided, using organic ingredients where possible. A minimum amount of waste will be produced and all material possible will be recycled or reused during the conference. The most sustainable logistics options will be selected.



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