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UrbanWINS CityMatch Exchange Programme invites applications

21 September 2017

The Urban WINS project is recruiting cities to take part in the City Match Exchange Programme. City Match is aimed at bringing people together to develop competences, share knowledge, ideas and working methods on sustainable and innovation procurement in the waste and resources sector. The idea is that an employee or group of employees interested in the waste and resources sector visit another organisation working on this topic. The visit is meant to provide new experiences and ideas and will normally take between 1-4 days.

Exchange activities can include Study visits (one-to-one or group exchange), job shadowing, or benchmarking studies. Among the topics for exchange, cities can cooperate on waste management, prevention and innovation; circular economy and procurement; piloting emerging solutions and technologies; or market engagement processes.

The programme is intended for all staff from public authorities working in the waste and resources sector, amongst others politicians, policy makers, waste management and prevention professionals, environmental and utilities service providers, procurement officials, and technology providers.

Find out more at the Urban WINS website.