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Copenhagen sustainable procurement strategy profiled

26 September 2016

The City of Copenhagen's strategy and approach to sustainable procurement has been profiled in the September edition of the GPP News Alert. Copenhagen has been a Procura+ Participant since 2015 and is the capital and the most populous city in Denmark. It is also one of Denmark’s largest employers, consisting of seven administrations employing over 40,000 people. Copenhagen’s goal is to become the world’s first carbon neutral capital city, and in 2012 it set up a Unit on Green Public Procurement (GPP) to work across administrative and strategic procurement units to actively seek to move the market in a climate friendly direction.

Since 2005, CO2 emissions in Copenhagen have fallen by 38%. This is mainly due to sustainability strategies regarding sustainable building renovation works, energy savings achieved in the private sector and the implementation of anti-waste strategies. Consideration is then given to how the City’s purchasing actions can help to achieve its strategic (thematic) goals, such as requiring that packaging originates from reused materials, procuring alternative fuel or zero emission vehicles (now at 53%), increasing the number of organic public sector meals - which are now at 88% - etc.

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