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Basque Government adopts its new GPP Programme

19 January 2017

The Basque Government, in its commitment to use public procurement as an instrument to advance its environmental policies’ objectives has now published its “Green Public Procurement Programme of the Basque Country 2020” in English (also available in Spanish and Euskera).

This is the second programme on this subject approved by the Basque Government. It represents a qualitative improvement as it targets the whole public sector in the region (not only the central government as the previous plan) and promotes actions to institutionalise GPP and ensure the appropriate coordination with the market.

The Programme, of voluntary adherence, sets two types of objectives to be achieved by all adhered public administrations:
1. Process objectives, for the integration of GPP in authorities’ procedures and procurement tools, and
2. Results objectives, based on actual greening of public tenders for more than 20 priority groups (ranging from office paper to building and infrastructure works).

In order to achieve those objectives, the Programme is organised in five strategic areas:
1. Tools and resources for GPP implementation.
2. Integration in procurement processes, procedures and tools.
3. Awareness raising and capacity building.
4. Coordination with the market.
5. Communication, dissemination and networking.

To supervise and plan its deployment an inter-agency Steering Committee is being set up with the initial participation of several Government Departments (Finance, Environment, Social Affairs, Internal Affairs, Education and Health) and Public Organisations, with Procura+ Participant Ihobe (Environmental Management Agency) as coordinator.

The promotion among Basque public authorities has already started - a first meeting was held with the three Basque regions and capitals - to foster adherence and define collaborative work strategies to achieve implementation and results in an efficient way.