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Procura+ welcomes PlanMiljø as a Strategic Partner

24 February 2017

PlanMiljø has joined the Procura+ Network as a strategic partner. PlanMiljø, an environmental consultancy formed in Denmark in 1990, has been involved in several partnerships on sustainable consumption and production with governments. Their work includes strengthening of green procurement in public authorities and development of SCP guidelines and tools for businesses.

PlanMiljø is one of the most experienced players in the field of Green Public Procurement (GPP) in Denmark, and has supported many public authorities both on a national, Nordic and international level. PlanMiljø is currently managing ‘The Secretariat for Green Public Procurement’ of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA). The purpose of the secretariat is to promote and facilitate GPP in Danish public authorities.

PlanMiljø join Ecoinstitut, Ecosistemi, LNEG, and IFZ as a strategic partner to the Procura+ Network. Strategic partners support and promote the activities of the Procura+ Network both on the European scale and at national level within their own countries.

Three new Procura+ participants join the network

6 February 2017

The City of Eindhoven (Netherlands), Government of Flanders (Belgium) and Transport for London (United Kingdom) have joined the Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network. The three participants will each bring existing experience and expertise to the network.

The city of Eindhoven is the 5th largest municipality in The Netherlands. As a knowledge based and innovation oriented city, Eindhoven focuses on creating the needed support structures in the domains of innovation, labour market, technology development and business development. The municipality has a political ambition to become a Living Lab for innovative technology solutions, a smart city, dramatically improving the quality of life of its citizens.

The Government of Flanders attaches great importance to sustainable development. It is by means of sustainable public procurement that the Government of Flanders aims at stimulating sustainable consumption and production. The Government of Flanders aims to serve as a role model and inspire and stimulate other actors to follow suit. The Flemish Action Plan for Sustainable Public Procurement has the objective to achieve 100% sustainable public procurement by the year 2020.

Transport for London (TfL) won Innovation Procurement of the Year in the Procura+ Awards 2016 for its procurement of Energy Efficient Luminaries and Lamps. With support from the EU funded Procurement of Lighting Innovation and Technology in Europe (PRO-LITE) project, TfL introduced a procurement approach which calculated a range of external costs as well as unit price, including installation, maintenance, energy use, carbon and cleaning costs. Indicative results suggest a 25% saving on whole life-cycle costs, and significant reductions in energy consumption. The TfL PRO-LITE Case Study can be found here.

All three cities will share further information on SPP and PPI approaches and successes in their participant profile web pages, which are currently in development.