Stadt Regensburg

Regensburg is located in Bavaria, on the Danube and has around 130.000 inhabitants. Since 1996, a mission statement following the Agenda 21 process has been in place, though now the "Regensburg Plan 2000" has taken over the role. Energy savings and reducing CO₂ emissions have been a particular focus. Building on the successful outcomes from this process, a number of participatory mechanisms are also in place in other departments, such as urban planning. The City also started implementing an Eco School Programme in 1999 to reduce water usage and waste production and has an adaptation programme for climate change in place.

Sustainable procurement activities

With regards to sustainable procurement, the diverse activities - such as purchasing over 70% recycled paper and construction products produced without child labour - are being reviewed as of 2011. 

The City of Regensburg has used sustainable procurement to help saving 10 million Euros energy and water costs over a 15 year period. By optimising the procurement of energy sources, supply costs have been significantly reduced.

Since 30 November 2012, Regensburg is officially "Fair Trade City".