About Us


  • An association of over 1,200 local governments that represents the interests of local authorities within the United Nations and at international policy forums.
  • movement driving positive change on a global scale through programmes and campaigns on local sustainability.
  • resource centre offering information, tools, networking, training and consulting services.

ICLEI has been working on sustainable procurement since 1996 - helping support public authorities in implementation, spreading awareness of the concept, developing new approaches, and encouraging policy developments at the European and international level. 

ICLEI is a member of the European Commission’s GPP EU-27Advisory Group chaired by The European Commission's DG Environment, the  United Nations Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement and is a cofounder and Vice-Chair of the Internal Green Purchasing Network (IGPN).  

We are involved in a variety of SPP initiatives and projects, hold events on SPP and co-ordinate networking activities:

Visit ICLEI's European homepage to find out more about the organisation.