Why Join?

Procurement today has the potential to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of public services whilst meeting environmental, social and economic goals. ICLEI provides clear and simple guidance on how to achieve this.

- Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, Chair of the Procura+ Network

Procura+ participants receive a number of benefits to help support your work in implementing sustainable procurement, and promote your achievements internationally. 

Who can join? Any public or semi-public authority or agency, of any size and any level of experience is welcome. It is not necessary to be a big authority to make a difference through sustainable procurement. What is important is encouraging authorities to work together. The Procura+ approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of any type of authority. 

Support your work

Discounts for international events

Attend free of charge (or at a reduced rate) seminars, workshops and conferences where new trends and experiences on sustainable procurement are presented. Participants can attend study tours and may be offered travel grants to attend events.

Priority for project participation and speaking at events

Receive priority in joining project consortia and proposals developed by ICLEI's Sustainable Procurement team and speaking at ICLEI events.

Training and consultancy service discount

Receive a 25% discount on ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement training and consultancy services, which range from raising awareness sessions to incorporating sustainability into the whole procurement system.

Keep up-to-date

Get automatically registered to the Procura+ Exchange mailing list, which has hundreds of professionals working in or with public authorities, all sharing their sustainable purchasing know-how. Broaden your expertise in English, French and German.

Make new contacts and learn from others

Exchange ideas and solutions with Procura+ participants in your region, across Europe and the world. Participants take part in regional meetings and receive regular updates on the activities of participants from other countries.

Representation and advocacy

ICLEI has a strong voice on the European and international stage. ICLEI has been supporting the work of the European Commission regarding green public procurement (GPP) and is a member of the Commission’s GPP EU-27 Advisory Group chaired by the Directorate General for Environment. ICLEI is also a member of the  United Nations Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement, launched in June 2007.

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Promote your work

Promote your achievements internationally

Have your own dedicated page on the Procura+ website, to publish your achievements. Have these featured at major international events, in newsletters, press releases and on websites reaching many thousands of people each year.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable procurement

Clearly communicate your commitment to GPP to citizens and a wide range of organisations.

Use of the Procura+ logo

Participants are entitled to use the logo on any of their own publications or presentations.